Automobile Key Replacement

Have you lost or misplaced your keys?

Losing your keys can be the worst thing when you are on the go. D Best Locksmith knows how inconvenient that is. To help you, we can replace any key, even if it is not present. Many car manufacturers create special key numbers and immobilizers which makes it easier to replace lost car keys. Automotive key replacements are one of our many specialties.

We create a new key

We have key blanks and transponder chips for most car makes. Our locksmith vehicles are fully equipped with all the machinery to cut your replacement for your specific key while you are waiting.

Don't worry, no need for a spare

If you are on your only key or have no spare, we are able to duplicate your key. Based on the type of transponder chip used in your car, we can make a copy of your car key. We create each key by using our very sophisticated equipment to copy the codes onto a new transponder chip. Majority of the vehicles use an encrypted chip that cannot be remade or duplicated. If that is the case for you, we will code it directly to your vehicle using our innovative diagnostic tools.